• D:ゑ藤隆弘

J.S.バッハ「14 Canons」へのオマージュ。また、ここ数年続けている、あるひとつの造形上のアイデアで作品を成立させる試み。本作は1種類のポスターを2枚かさねることで成り立っている。イメージの反復は一般的な手法だが、通常はその連続性が強調されることが多い。この作品は初見ではひとつのイメージに見えるものが実は同一イメージの反復で成立している。

Homage to 14 Canons: BWV 1087 by J.S. BACH in 1747. This is an ongoing project that I have been working on for the past few years, in which I try to create a work of art based on a single formative idea. This poster consists of two posters of one type. There are many examples of posters that are formed by the repetition of images, but in this work, what appears to be a single image at first glance is in fact the repetition of the same image. In music, the technique of following the melody of one voice by strictly imitating it in other voices is called canon. I felt that J.S. Bach’s “14 canons” were particularly close in concept and technique, and created this poster series as a tribute to them.